The Number 30 Porsche 906 LE is the 24 Hours Le Mans 1966 two-litre, prototype-class winner.  The prototype, driven by Siffert and Davis,  placed fourth overall.  Number 30 was one of three long-tail prototype that the factory raced at Le Mans that year.  In between its impressive debut and the day it arrived to Autocraft in September 1989, the prototype had been modified and its outward appearance changed several times.  The car had been a short-tail race car and for a time, a hill climber.  Fortunately, the years of modifications had not touched the original components under the changeling's many coats. 
Before he was able to start any restoration on this project, Robert had to dig deep into the history of the numbers of original parts.   While the discovery of the rare, long-tail prototype behind the changeling had been an exciting one, Robert soon discovered that since the vehicle's inception, all blue prints and built-books had been lost or destroyed.  For two reasons, the restoration would be arduous, intensive, 24/7 effort.  

To begin, Robert's had to re-manufacture no longer existing body parts and components from prints drawn after he had researched each part and produced a precise to-scale print using vintage images, historical print media accounts, collectors' and museum records and old factory-journeymen's recollections.   

To boot, the owner gave Autocraft eight months to get the job done.

To blow his own horn, Robert delivered.  Of course, he could not have come even close without corresponding 24/7 assistance and help from dependable friends, trusted co-workers, awesome office staff of one ...