Robert Hatchman is a renowned restorer of vintage race vehicles specializing in restoration of 906 through 917 Porsche prototypes. Robert's portfolio of completed projects includes a solid array of numbered originals with documented racing history. One of the first projects, Porsche 907 #38, left the doors of Autocraft in 1980. To this day the Number 38  Porsche 907-027 stands alone, as it represents the indisputable quality of Robert's restoration work. The vehicle has become the time-tested standard that Robert has maintained as his signature norm and that others aspire to achieve.

Robert Hatchman's Autocraft is a boutique facility. For over thirty years, owners and collectors have come to rely on Robert's hands-on craftsmanship and skills, his respect for the integrity of individual projects, his dedication to each client's goals, as well as his time-proven expertise in all facets of restoration processes.

Robert is the working expert restorer and the one man in charge of all aspects of the entire restoration. He personally reviews and estimates each project. This initial documentation leads to a contract specifying owner's objectives and Autocraft's obligations, including scope of restoration work, budget and completion-time constraints. A unique reference library of build-books, original blue prints, specialty manuals and materials-and-parts sources database guides Robert and a select number of journeymen workers and reputable sub-contractors in each step of the restoration process.

Since 1980 Robert's restoration portfolio has grown to include the “who-is-who” of the finest vehicles in Porsche's illustrious racing history. Please visit this website's gallery to gain an overview of the projects that have brought joy, pride of ownership and lasting value to clients from North America, Europe, South America and Japan. Please feel free to contact Robert with any question or concern you may have. Robert is currently accepting new projects.